Welcome to BCB

Welcome to Bondage Club Baltimore....

... a one room schoolhouse where every level of experience is welcome to help and guide one another.  This club will be different from anything you have ever attended before on your journey learning rope bondage.  All levels of experience will be present to help one another & share techniques so we can all progress together.


The main focus will be on Japanese style bondage in some circles called shibari & kinbaku.  This is NOT a social club but an educational environment meant for those who are willing to open their minds to really studying & learning techniques that will enhance what they already know & introduce skills they never thought possible.


Both Tops (person doing the tying) as well as bottoms (person being tied) are welcome as all members will both tie & be tied regardless of disposition.

Thurs, Dec 2nd, Main focus of the class will be "Connecting with ropes"

Floor-work ties...

Taking all the ties you know & putting them to use in floor positions. Some of the most beautiful as well as controlling bondage positions use the most basic of ties, single column, double column & chest ties, & are done on solid ground. In this class we will go over all the basics & start incorporating them into hogties, spread-eagles, ebis & other sexual & non sexual positions.


Please bring your ropes, 4 or 5 25' - 30' lengths of 5mm or 6mm rope. Natural fiber rope is best. I have rope for you to use if you would like to try professional jute rope as well as professional rope for sale.

If you wish to attend this class, please RSVP to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Classes are held at The Playhouse in Baltimore. You can follow & join other students on our FetLife group here.




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