Individual non-matriculated class price:

- Tops/riggers/switches  -  $30 per class

- Bottoms                     -  $15 per class

Matriculated Student (Members) class price:

- Tops/riggers/switches  -  $20 per class

- Bottoms                     -  $10 per class

BCB is for both tops & bottoms to learn bondage.  Tops will learn why & how to apply ropes & bottoms will learn how to bottom to the rope, care for it & keep themselves safe.

If you wish to learn how to tie, be the one to put rope on another person, you are considered a Top.  If you are there to learn how to bottom &/or care for a Top's rope, you will be considered a Bottom.

Switches for all intents & purposes will be considered Tops in the pricing structure.

Non - matriculated students may attend all regular classes and parties but there are benefits to matriculating;

All Matriculated students will receive a professional Japanese jute rope kit and 2 free class sessions as well as...

· $5 admission to all BCB bondage parties (up to a $20 value per party)

· Free classes (see above) (up to $60 value)

· Discount on all classes ($20 for tops & $10 for bottoms)

· Special student (member) only classes

· Discounts on special events/on line classes (special classes/outings)

· %20 Discount on all BCB purchases (rope, supplies, swag)

· Detail oriented 1 0n 1 mentoring between class sessions

· Discount on photo sessions (up to a $500 value)

· Discount on private lessons w/

· Additional perks as they pop up…

1 year Matriculation (membership) will be as follows:

Single student - top or bottom -$250   4 lengths of rope + 2 free classes
Couple/two students - $450  8 lengths of rope + 4 free classes
Additional family/partner student - $200   2 lengths of rope + 1 free class

eg. if a "family" 3 join the total cost will be $650 & they will receive 10 lengths of rope + 5 free classes


Matriculation info here

Hardship scholarships will be considered on a case by case basis, please contact me privately @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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