Homework ;-)

Yes, you all have homework....

Go tie someone up!


So often when we learn something new we can get the idea or the process while in class but by the time we get home it's gone.  So... I will try to create videos of the techniques we learn in class you you can have a visual reference of it at home to refer to.  Whenever possible I will have both video & pictures to view.


To start off I would like to introduce you to the Somerville Bowline.  This is a new knot invented by FLTopologist (Twitter name) that is taking the rope community by storm.  This knot is useful for single column & double column ties and is so far as I can tell, the perfect knot for these ties.  It is compact, only needs tension on one line to hold tight & will not collapse in any direction.


Somerville Bowline



Basic Chest Tie


This is the base of many of the chest ties we do in class and should become a standard in your bag of ties.  This pdf was actully put together to show the finger technique I use when tying so you will get a nimber of things out of it.



Chest Tie w/Finger Play PDF